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HelsinkiMissio is a non-governmental organisation for social services founded in 1883. The primary task of HelsinkiMissio is to seek, find and help neglected and forgotten citizens and to challenge everyone to societal responsibility and closeness. HelsinkiMissio aims to offer help where it is most needed, and is therefore keen to develop existing working methods as well as to create new forms of work to meet changing needs in society. Today HelsinkiMissio concentrates on young people, elderly people and people with special needs.  

Aggredi program

Aggredi program is financed by Veikkaus. Aggredi focuses on the offenders of street violence. The aim of the program is to create a system based on partnership and collaboration that enables a fast and efficient intervention in the lives of young adults that have drifted to problems due to violence. The aim is to break away destructive patterns and to make way for new opportunities and behavioral patterns within the target group.

The programs target group consists of 18 to 49-year-old offenders that have committed serious crimes of outdoor violence and already have a strong experience or fear of getting into vicious circle of violence.

The crimes that define the clientele are: assaults, homicides, robberies and attempts of the above. Aggredi also works with clients planning to commit school or mass killings. One aim of the program is to create a system, that can find these socially isolated persons who are planning school or mass killings in time. The program doesn’t deal with sex crimes and domestic violence.

The divisions of the client work in Aggredi are 1) impulsive violence, 2) instrumental violence and/or financial gain-seeking violence, 3) violence linked to organised crime, 4) violence planned or carried out by socially isolated persons and 5) fantasy-based violence (threaten to commit school or mass killings).

Aggredi has created and developed a system for bringing hard-to-reach and poorly motivated clients to the realm of the interactive support services and the therapeutic working methods.

The activities in the Aggredi are based on a strong partnership with the authorities. The partners function as “filters”, and their purpose is to direct clients who fit the target group to the program.

Clients to the Aggredi are mainly directed by police, probation services and prisons in Helsinki and Southern Finland.  Aggredi also co-operates with the government authorities such as Ministry of the Interior / Departement of internal affairs, Ministry of justice, Criminal sanctions agency.


Method in Aggredi is based on social constructionism.
Methods used in the work are dialogical and reflective discussions.


National Research Institute of Legal Policy produces independent research on crime and justice, which supports planning and decision-making in criminal and legal policy. The academic framework is multidisciplinary, combining particularly the disciplines of law and social science.

The effectiveness of an intervention aiming to reduce street violence: Evaluation of HelsinkiMissio’s Aggredi-program http://www.helsinkimissio.fi/sites/default/files/custom/Aggredi_executiv...

City of Helsinki Urban Facts senior researchers Martti Tuominen and Markus Laine contribute with an article presenting the Aggredi. Link to the article: http://www.hel2.fi/tietokeskus/julkaisut/pdf/12_04_18_Kvartti_12_1_verkk...


Head of team

Petri Salakka, +358 (0)41 4489849  

Violence prevention Workers:

Kriko Huhta, +358 (0)40 7243752
Tapani Aulis, +358 (0)40 5807349
Sami Keihäri, +358(0)45 3410572
Heli Ritvanen, +358 (0)50 4920500

E-mail: firstname.lastname@helsinkimissio.fi