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for Families

Do you sometimes feel inadequate as a parent? Would you like to talk to somebody about your concerns?

Talking helps: our Conversation and Crisis Help for Families gives you an opportunity to talk to a crisis and help worker free of charge for a limited period. Our service is intended for individuals, couples and families. Nobody needs to be alone with their worries.

Get help from supportive conversations

You can get support if you are exhausted, feel lonely, or are feeling vaguely mentally unwell. You can also get help when you need to sort out the relationship between yourself and your significant other, or with family members or other relationships.

Before the supportive conversations begin, we will work together to chart your situation along with your wishes and expectations, and agree on a course of action that best suits your circumstances. After the first contact, which will be by phone, you can have up to five more conversations with a crisis worker.

Help in the form of someone to talk to is available throughout Finland in Finnish and English. You can talk to our crisis workers either through a remote meeting or face-to-face on our premises in the Kamppi district of Helsinki.

To get assistance, you don’t need to have a referral note or any diagnosis. When you seek help via a remote connection you can, if you want, remain anonymous. Conversation help aims to improve how you feel and your situation and we will work with your wishes and your feedback.

Book an appointment

Get in touch with Conversation and Crisis Help for Families by using the calendar form below to book a first contact with a crisis and conversation help worker.

Conversation and crisis help aims to promote and maintain well-being, not to treat an illness. If you have an existing care contact, please speak to them in the first instance.

For more information:

Mikko Schalin


044 290 1075

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