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Become a corporate donor

The professional and volunteer work we do to help young people, families and elderly people as well as special-needs groups requires constant funding. Corporate donations along with other kinds of support from businesses provide invaluable support for our work – while also highlighting a company’s values and responsibility to various interest groups.

Sustainable development refers not only to the environment but also to people. Our work focuses on the United Nations’ (UN) third sustainable development goal: to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. (Good health and well-being, SDG 3)

Did you know

that you can donate directly into the HelsinkiMissio bank account FI68 5008 5320 0123 05? Please include your contact details in the message field of the payment, so that we can thank you and let you know what your contribution has made possible.
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Become a partner

Would your business like to shoulder some social responsibility and be part of building a sustainable future?

Partnering with HelsinkiMissio offers your business a great opportunity to be involved in actually reducing loneliness within our society. Each partnership is tailormade to suit our common goals. Our work to reduce loneliness promotes the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Main partners

What does your corporate support make possible?

Nuori poika hymyilee Nuori poika hymyilee

Young people

We give young people, free of charge, conversation help with our crisis workers in Finnish, Swedish and English. Your donation will also help us to train new volunteer support people with whom young people can spend time and talk about the things that matter to them. Often, such support relationships become genuine and long-lasting friendships.

Tukihenkilö ja seniori kävelyllä Tukihenkilö ja seniori kävelyllä


Your donation helps HelsinkiMissio to train new volunteers to help and support seniors. You help us to develop activities that provide professional help to seniors, as well as our Aamukorva phone, which seniors can call every morning of the year.

Isä ja poika puistossa Isä ja poika puistossa


With your donation, we can train more mentors for families who lack someone to help them in their everyday life. Your support also makes it possible for us to offer families conversation and crisis help with our help workers, free of charge. Trained perhekaverit (Family Friends) also provide valuable support for families who arrive at the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki.

Tytöt soittimien kanssa Tytöt soittimien kanssa

People with disabilities

The Resonaari music centre makes it possible for people with disabilities or other special-needs learners to experience the joy of playing music. Resonaari gives everyone a chance to learn within a friendly community where no one feels overlooked, alone, or left out. Your donation gives people of all abilities a chance to play a musical instrument.

Yksinäinen nuori tyttö

Regardless of how big or small the problems, for me the most significant thing was the experience of being seen and heard.

Young person who has received help

Your help is needed – make a corporate donation

Other ways of helping

Product cooperation

In product cooperation, your company donates an agreed portion of product sales to support the work of helping people. You can specify how you would like your donation to be used, to help young people, families or seniors.

Pro bono cooperation

In pro bono cooperation your company can donate its knowledge or skills. For example, the professional skills of a communications specialist, a graphic designer or digital marketing person can be a big help to an NGO like ours.

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Start your own fundraiser online

An online fundraiser is easy for you to set up on our website. In cooperation with your work community or team you can help forgotten seniors, young people in need of counselling, or our musical activities for people with special needs. Invite others to join you in doing good. The fundraiser page shows the donations along with greetings from the donors.

Työntekijä istuu yksin tietokoneen ääressä.

Do you want to reduce loneliness in your workplace?

We have lonely people working for us and so do you. That is why we created the Work to Belong programme and certificate, which is awarded to companies and organisations that commit to reducing and preventing loneliness within their workforce. Join us to reduce loneliness.

Get your company volunteering

Volunteering work with HelsinkiMissio, made possible by businesses, is a fine way to help people who are experiencing loneliness, to express the values of your company, and to take on some responsibility within society.

Staff well-being is known to improve when employees are able to use part of their time at work to do meaningful volunteering work. Doing things together makes people feel good and creates bonds within the business.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch.

Eva Czechanowski

Corporate Partnerships +358 44 703 6879