Fundraising permit

Holder of Fundraising Permit: Helsinkimissio ry, Albertinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki

Fundraising Permit issued by: National Police Board

Fundraising Permit number and date of issue: RA/2021/1597, issued on November 25, 2021.

Time and area for collection: the Collection Permit is valid until further notice from January 1, 2022 in all of Finland except the Åland Islands.

Purpose of funds raised: Funds raised will be used for HelsinkiMissio’s activities and work against loneliness. 

The funds raised will be used for the following forms of work: helping youth, work with seniors and the elderly, family assistance, work against loneliness, work done by the music centre Resonaari with special needs groups, and work with external violent people. In addition, funds are raised for a Loneliness Fund, the aim of which is to enable activities and research to lessen and alleviate loneliness.

The fundraising efforts are activated by Helsinkimissio ry.

HelsinkiMissio has a fundraising phone service as well as a fundraising SMS service with SecuryCast Oy as well as a digital collection box using the iRaiser platform. In addition, you can give donations to HelsinkiMissio using MobilePay.