Less Loneliness, More Well-being

Our volunteers and professional helpers support and help young people, adults, families and seniors in many ways. Our volunteer activities offer a variety of ways to get involved, to help people, to make a difference.

This is How We Helped in 2023

We meet, support and help tens of thousands of people each year. In 2023 we had 113,330 encounters with people. Studies confirm that our help gets results, reduces loneliness and boosts well-being. The NPS recommendation score for our well-being services was 81+, while the NPS score for our volunteer activities was 81+.

Nuoret istuskelee ja tyttö kassoo kännykkää Nuoret istuskelee ja tyttö kassoo kännykkää


53,527 meetings that help

Well-being increased by 66 per cent among the young people having supportive conversations. The sense of loneliness dropped by 16 percentage points among youth who had a support person.


9,811 meetings with people in Loneliness Work

73 per cent of the participants experienced relief from loneliness during the program, and 89 per cent by the end of the follow-up period. 63 per cent of participants reported an increase in well-being.

5,062 meetings with people in Aggredi

Among Aggredi participants, 65 per cent experienced a decrease in violent behavior, and 43 percent saw an improvement in their everyday life. Assistance in managing violent behavior was fairly or very helpful according to 97 per cent of participants.

Isä ja lapset sekä tukihenkilö Isä ja lapset sekä tukihenkilö


41,634 meetings that reduced loneliness

Parents were supported in their parenting by our family mentors and at Albert’s Living Room. In families who had help from a family mentor, parent loneliness was reduced by 29 percentage points. In the Family Mentoring program, 77 per cent of parents felt that they received support in parenting. Of those who visited Albert’s in living room, 88 per cent reported a positive impact on their daily life.


28,358 helping meetings with seniors

Seniors are helped by our volunteer support persons or one-time helpers. At the Senioripysäkki (Senior Stop), loneliness is alleviated through professionally-led conversation groups. Some 71 per cent of participants in Senior Stop groups reported a subsequent increase in well-being.


Nearly 1,000 volunteers helped lonely people in various ways

Our volunteer activities increase the well-being of those receiving support as well as for those providing it. Some 91 per cent of volunteers felt the activities boosted their own well-being.