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Help lonely people by donating

In Finland, one in ten people suffer from loneliness. Yet it can be difficult for them to talk about or even admit to feelings of loneliness. Research has shown that feeling like an outsider can hurt as much as physical pain.

Our aim at HelsinkiMissio is that one day there will be no more loneliness. Thanks to our donors we can be in touch, on a national scale, with tens of thousands people in need.

Today, too many people feel alone, in need of a friend. By making a donation you will help us to help them.

Vanhus ulkona katsoo kameraan

The help given by Jali and other volunteers has been irreplacable. Without them I wouldn’t make it.

Senior who has received help

What do donations make possible?

Nuori poika hymyilee Nuori poika hymyilee

Young people

We offer young people easily accessible professional help free of charge. Conversation and crisis help is provided in Finnish, Swedish and English for people aged 12–29. Through us, a young person can also have a trained support person for at least a year. Often the support person becomes an important friend.

Seniorit iloitsevat yhdessä Seniorit iloitsevat yhdessä


We train support people to provide companionship for the elderly and to be gig helpers for one-off needs. We provide Senioripysäkki (A Stop for Seniors) activities, where people of 65+ can access professional help with whatever is weighing on them. Professionally led therapeutic conversation groups are available in several locations. Seniors can also phone in to speak to someone on our Aamukorva (Morning Ear) service.

Isä ja poika puistossa Isä ja poika puistossa


Our HelsinkiMissio-trained family mentors provide support to families with children when they have no one nearby to help them day-to-day. Also, our crisis and conversation help professionals are available free of charge to families when they need someone to talk to. And our Family Support people, a.k.a. Perhekaveri, smooth the way for family members visiting the New Children’s Hospital.

Tytöt soittimien kanssa Tytöt soittimien kanssa

People with disabilities

Resonaari is a unique and pioneering music school which is well-respected both in Finland and internationally. At Resonaari, developmentally disabled and other special-needs learners can experience the joy of making music. Such participation adds to the well-being of people with special needs.

Did you know?

You can also make a donation directly via the MobilePay app to the number 81358, or into our bank account FI68 5008 5320 0123 05.

How your donation helps

Below are examples of how your donation can help people in need.

Tukihenkilö ja seniori kävelyllä

25 €

Your 25 € donation makes it possible for a person we have trained to provide support for an elderly person who is suffering from loneliness.

Isä ja lapset sekä tukihenkilö

40 €

Your 40 € donation makes it possible for us to provide the support of a trained family mentor to a family in need.

Nuori tyttö keskustelemassa

80 €

Your 80 € donation makes it possible for a young person to have a session with one of our professional crisis workers. Help for the young person is provided free of charge.

Yksinäinen nuori nainen

Become a monthly donor

Too many of us lack a close person to share our life with. As a monthly donor your regular contributions will provide more young people, elderly people, families with children, and people with special needs, with the help they need to combat loneliness.

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Send an email to or call 09 2312 0300 from Mon-Fri at 9–12.

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Fundraising Permit granted by the National Police Board, RA/2021/1597, granted November 25, 2021. Permit valid until further notice from January 1, 2022, in all of Finland except the Åland Islands. Funds raised will be used for HelsinkiMissio activities and its work to reduce loneliness.