You don’t

have to

be alone

Centre for Loneliness Work

The Centre for Loneliness Work offers services that reduce loneliness, such as counselling for loneliness, the Loneliness self-help guide and, as the weekend approaches, a sympathetic ear on the Friday helpline. The services are available nationwide via remote connections. Check out all of our services!

Counselling for loneliness

We offer adults appointments with a professional and various tools to alleviate and help you face your feelings of loneliness, all free of charge. Loneliness as an adult is a distressing experience, but help is available.

Loneliness self-help guide

HelsinkiMissio’s Loneliness self-help guide is suitable for anyone who wants to stop to think about loneliness and explore the thoughts, feelings and practices related to it. The workbook can help you find new perspectives on your relationships and ways to alleviate loneliness.

Also check out MentalHub’s self-help programme for loneliness!

What is loneliness?

One in ten people in Finland suffer from harmful loneliness. Loneliness is even more common among young people: About 14% of lower secondary school pupils and students in upper secondary education as well as almost a quarter of students in higher education experience loneliness. Loneliness is one of the biggest health risks for the elderly. However, loneliness is something that can be influenced. Join us in learning about loneliness.

Kaksi nuorta aikuista istuu rappusilla Kaksi nuorta aikuista istuu rappusilla

Counselling for students’ loneliness

We offer students in higher education counselling against loneliness. If you are experiencing prolonged loneliness, book a counselling appointment!

The goal of the project Yksinäisyystyö korkeakouluissa is to reduce the loneliness experienced by students, and to increase the capabilities among professionals working with students experiencing loneliness. We are carrying out the project together with Nyyti ry.

Work against violence

Aggredi is a form of work developed by HelsinkiMissio that focuses on perpetrators of violence outside the home and that has been operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area since 2006.

The goal of Aggredi is to reduce or stop the violent behaviour. Aggredi offers an opportunity to deal with problems arising from violence on neutral ground. The work is carried out on a case work basis for each individual.