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needs to be


Anyone, anywhere, can feel lonely. Whatever their gender, position, age or orientation, anyone may experience loneliness at some stage in their life – perhaps once, perhaps several times, either mildly or intensely.

HelsinkiMissio works so that one day no one will continue to feel lonely. However, we cannot achieve this on our own. We all need to help. Join us – together we can overcome loneliness.

Together we will overcome loneliness

HelsinkiMissio is a politically and religiously unaffiliated social organisation. Our mission is to reduce loneliness and increase well-being. We have been around for 140 years. We know loneliness and how to overcome it.

We work with almost one hundred professionals and a thousand volunteers. Each year, we meet, support and help tens of thousands of people. We offer services that are reducing loneliness nationally, as well as opportunities for you to get involved and to meet others as a volunteer.

We invite everybody to take action against loneliness. Our goal is that nobody feels all alone.

Nearly half of all Finns experience or at the very least have sometimes experienced feelings of loneliness. Some 14 per cent experience loneliness either all of the time or quite often. Long-term loneliness permanently weakens one’s well-being and health.

Our Mission

  • We work to reduce loneliness.
  • We work to improve well-being.
  • We meet people compassionately.

Our Vision

  • For nobody to feel all alone.

Our Values

With our values, expertise, respect and curiosity, we focus on each person as an individual. Our shared values are present in all our activities:

  • We meet people in whatever way suits them, and take action according to their needs. Using a research-based approach, we act in response to information given to us by our clients.
  • We strive to act with justice, equality, and ethically, and to do so with mutual respect.
  • We take a bold approach to our work, while striving to develop it and take on new methods.