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An increasing number of Finns are suffering from loneliness. By making a donation you will help us to help them.

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Do you need support or someone to talk to?

No one should be alone with their worries. Our volunteers and professional helpers are ready to listen and to talk. We are here to help you.

Join us in working to reduce loneliness

Among the variety of ways our volunteers can help, you are sure to find a way of helping that suits you. Just making a single phone call to someone who is struggling can be a real help to them.

Your time is the most beautiful gift you can offer.

“We don’t wait for loneliness to go away on its own. We actively work to reduce it.

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Help by making a donation

Make a donation so that we can help more young people, seniors, and families with children.

Even a small sum is a big gesture. Your support can change the life of somebody in need.

Other ways to donate

Testament donation

Start your own fundraiser

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Loneliness Forum

Loneliness is a natural and common emotion. But you can do something about it. Join us and learn about loneliness.

School to Belong

The School to Belong programme helps a school community to identify and alleviate the loneliness experienced by some young people and offers tools to overcome it. The programme makes the reduction of loneliness a common endeavour for the whole school.

Work to Belong

The Work to Belong certificate is awarded to companies and organisations who commit to reducing and preventing loneliness within their workplace community. Thank you for building a work culture where no one feels alone.


Aggredi, a program that focuses on violence outside the home, has existed since 2006. Research shows that Aggredi is an efficient method, which has received a best practice mention for prevention of radicalisation from the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN).


The music centre Resonaari is a music institute for learners of all abilities, an expert service for professionals, and home to the professional band Resonaarigroup. The founding principle behind Resonaari is that everybody can learn to play a musical instrument. Resonaari is unique, and is a well-respected pioneering music institute, both in Finland and internationally.


In Helsinki’s Vuosaari area, Cecilia is designed to provide assisted living for seniors in a safe home environment with easy access to company and a wide range of leisure activities under the same roof. All the services that seniors need are conveniently available.


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Joukko senioreita laulamassa Laula kanssamme-tilaisuudessa

Laula kanssamme Kinaporissa

klo 13.00
HelsinkiMission kerhosali, Kinaporinkatu 11 A

Seniorien tuttutupa

klo 15.00
Albertin olohuone, Albertinkatu 33
Joukko senioreita laulamassa Laula kanssamme-tilaisuudessa

Laula kanssamme senioritalo Ceciliassa

klo 15.00
HelsinkiMission senioritalo Cecilia, Vuosaarenkatu 8
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