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your worries

Do you have something on your mind? Do setbacks seem insurmountable? Do you need guidance and advice? Would you like to speak in confidence to a crisis worker?

Talking to someone can be helpful. You can speak to our professional helpers about anything that is important to you, perhaps some difficulty in your life or relationships. Talking can also help you to understand and cope with feelings of loneliness.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here for you.

Nuori tyttö katsoo kameraan

Guidance and advice at the Crisis Services for Youth

If something is worrying you, get in touch with Crisis Services for Youth. Speaking in confidence to someone supportive, either on your own or with your partner, could help you. It may be enough just to be in touch with us, but if you need more specific help, we can advise you how and where to find what you need.

You don’t have to have a referral note nor any kind of diagnosis. You don’t need to live in Helsinki. And if you want to, you can always speak to us anonymously. You can speak freely to our professional helpers about whatever is troubling you, any life crisis. Perhaps you are concerned about your own health or that of someone close to you, or about loneliness – anything at all. Appointments with a crisis worker are aimed at helping you feel better, to get and keep you on the right track. We aim to prevent young people from feeling all alone when they are in some difficulty.

During our first contact we will map your situation and what you hope to achieve by speaking to someone about it. After the contact call, you can have up to five conversations with a crisis worker. Together, we will set a goal for our conversations, based on where you are and what you want to achieve. If the help we can provide is not enough, we can tell you about other services that would be most beneficial for you and what you might want to do next.

We also offer counselling in English.

Teini-ikäinen poika istuu yksin koripallokentän reunalla nurmella.

Even though it was a short period, it gave me the tools I needed to deal with my stuff, and just saying things out aloud was really important.

Book a contact call

Book your phone appointment with a crisis worker in the online calendar below and fill in your contact information. A crisis worker will call you. Use only your first name to book your appointment. You will receive a confirmation message once you have successfully booked it.

If your schedule changes, please cancel your appointment 24 hours beforehand using the link in your confirmation message.

If you have a care contact for mental health issues, please contact that service or your contact person first. The Crisis Services for Youth does not provide medical treatments for illness. In an emergency, always call 112. In an acute crisis situation, please contact the usual on-call services.

Partner organisations, educational institutions, friends, family, anyone who is concerned about a young person, can fill in the contact form.