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We offer adults appointments with a professional as well as workbook exercises between appointments to alleviate and help you face your feelings of loneliness, all free of charge.

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Do you feel like an outsider?

Do your relationships feel distant and superficial? Is it difficult for you to talk about yourself with others? Do you find social situations awkward? Do you feel like you are alone even though there are other people around you? Are you longing for relationships in your life?

These kinds of thoughts can be a sign of experiencing loneliness. It manifests itself in a wide variety of ways in different life situations.

Depending on who is looking, there are many different interpretations and perspectives for thoughts, feelings and practices regarding loneliness. You can process your loneliness with the help of HelsinkiMissio’s loneliness programme.

The work is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who experiences loneliness and is curious about exploring thoughts related to loneliness and their connection to emotions and behaviour. The goal is to alleviate and help you understand your own experience. The work includes five counselling appointments with a professional as well as independent workbook exercises between the appointments. The work is free of charge for the participant.

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“I was inspired and encouraged to seek other people’s company. I noticed that I need to give something of myself as well in order to find companionship.”

Loneliness workbook

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Are you an employee at one of our Work to Belong partner companies?

You can book an appointment for loneliness work by sending us a contact request at We will contact you to arrange the first appointment.